Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Magical Urban Barn Christmas

My Spaces

 First Vintage Bird Cage Lamp

A few of my Vintage Belt Buckles

Linda's Beautiful Vignettes

Incredible Vintage Coffee Table

"Chef Robin Slominski"
Set the most beautiful table for all of us to enjoy

"Chef Robin"
Then prepared this recipe for Old Fashion Donuts

The Desert Table was divine!

Linda K.

Robin D.

Darla K

Rose C.

Our First Tree Lighting
Thank you Linda for a Beautiful weekend!


  1. Everything is simply gorgeous!!! What an amazing post Deb!!! xoxo Kate

  2. Hi,
    Oh, everything looks just beautiful!! So sorry I couldn't make it, but your photos are spectacular!
    Have a very Happy Holiday season Deb!

  3. LUV LUV LUV that beautiful coffe table! Thanks for sharing the cool photos.....Julian

  4. Hi Debbie! I meant to tell you much sooner but I just wanted to let you know I'm so sorry about your mishap and injury. I missed you at Chateau de Fleurs. They had me temporarily fill your spot since you couldn't make it but I had a front spot this time anyway so I was looking foward to hanging out with you a little more. Hopefully we can in March.
    Your space at the Barn is so lovely! That chair is so cool. I also had no idea you did window displays too. You are so talented, everything looks so beautiful.
    Hope you're feeling much better.
    Have a blessed week!

  5. Your booth looked amazing. I continously am in awe of your talents...thank you for showing a little piece of my space. Hugs!

  6. Missed you at the Chateau, I hope you are doing better! Wow your booths look so beautiful...Merry Christmas Debbie!

  7. Hi Debbie, Your displays are so beautiful, you do such a good job. Wishing you much success in all you do! XO Christie


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