Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday at "Urban Barn" ~ Flea Market was Flea Market day at Urban Barn!
The day was gorgeous and there was so many great are a few of the girls!

Miss Trisha ~ "Vintage Bliss" and her sweet trailer...she
always has such amazing treasures!
OMG! Can you believe she has orange bloomers...too cute!

It's our sweet Holly...really miss this girl ~ she is too cute!!

Amber ~ "Black Rooster Cottage" her booth is always filled with wonderful she had a beautiful mannequin! Sorry no pic...she SOLD
and is on her way to Texas...

Sweet Rose ~ "The Tarnished Crown" had fabulous treasures today and I had
the best time shopping in her space! Rose also has a space inside Urban Barn!
You must come by and take a peek and oh my gosh that chair is gorgeous...

Beauty in the barn...

I was so busy shopping and visiting with all the wonderful vendors that
this is the only pic I took of my spaces!

Hope you get the chance to visit the Barn and all the great vendors

Have a wonderful weekend!

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